Emergency Service

Construction Zone is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to respond to your emergency board up needs.

We can dispatch a work crew to your property within one hour of your call. We have experience in dealing with residential and commercial properties of all sizes.

Professional board up service can help you minimize potential damage to your property prior to a storm or help you secure your property after an unexpected disaster occurs.

We have the equipment and resources to board up residential properties, commercial properties, government offices, churches and more.

Our team will assess your needs and deploy a technique that minimizes cosmetic damaging.

We can effectively board up doors, windows, garage doors, roofs, large bay windows, roofs and other areas identified in through our inspection process. We work directly with you or your insurance company at your discretion.

Call 888-565-3590 or 440-243-7500 For 24 Hour Emergency Service

Our Process Involves

  • Reactive: Thoroughly assess your property for damage from a storm or fire and immediately begin to deploy a plan to help reduce further potential damage
  • Pro-active: Pre-plan a board up strategy to help minimize potential storm damage
  • Professionally board up subject property
  • Coordinate with our construction department on the removal of the board up or your insurance company’s adjuster to allow for a smooth transition when your home is ready for repairs

Safety Tips

If your home has been damaged by a fire or storm, your insurance policy requires you work to minimize additional damage, call a professional restoration firm for immediate help
  • Notify your insurance company where applicable
  • Do not leave your home unattended once it is safe to return, properly boarding up your home can help deter theft and additional damage
  • If you have sustained damage to your properties electricity or have storm damage, do not attempt to power back up your property prior to a professional inspection

More Safety Tips

By not acting immediately you can put your property at risk and more importantly your family.  Your property is vulnerable to the natural elements in such an event whether mild or severe.  Beyond structural damages, your health could be at risk in an event of mold or other bacterial infestations.