Mold Remediation & Removal

Mold is a common problem associated with water damage and areas of elevated humidity. Mold growth can cause damage to your property and the belongings within. Addressing a mold problem as soon as you notice it is the best way to prevent damage from spreading and restore the appearance and safety of your property. Construction Zone Cleaning offers fast, effective mold remediation as part of our complete restoration services for residential and commercial projects that have sustained damage from water.

Materials Most Susceptible to Mold

In nature, mold is responsible for the breakdown of organic material; most molds prefer to consume cellulose, a plant-based fiber, which is found in many household building and decorative materials. Thus, certain areas and items in your home can be more susceptible to mold, either because of their composition or their ability to readily absorb water.

  • Drywall, gypsum, wood, and plywood are all easily digestible materials for molds, and common places to discover mold growth.
  • Molds can also attack paper, cardboard, and organic adhesives, as well as wallpaper and particle board.
  • Mold also grows easily on painted surfaces, tile grout, and fabrics such as carpeting, upholstery, and curtains.



Mold Testing and Clearance Testing    

Construction Zone Cleaning provides the mold cleaning services and always recommend a 3rd Party Environmental and Industrial Hygiene (EIH) firm to perform any pre- and post-clearance testing when necessary. Be careful when thinking about contracting another mold remediation firm that performs the clearance on their own work.




Tips to Limit Mold Growth in Your Home

Although you may not be able to completely eliminate the presence of mold spore

s entering your home from the natural environment, there are many ways you can limit or prevent mold growth in your home to protect it.

  • Keep your HVAC system maintained and change your air filter regularly,
  • which will prevent the buildup of mold spores in your ducts and prevent the circulation of spores through your indoor air.
  • Reduce the amount of moisture in your home by running ventilation fans while bathing and
    using your air conditioner to extract moisture from the air on hot, humid summer days.
  • If your home or commercial property been damaged by a flood, burst pipe, or any
    other type of water-related disaster? Contact Construction Zone Cleaning immediately, day or night / 24/
  • Your crisis is our concern!